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Rick and Morty Theories: The One True Crime And The One True Rick

Rick and Morty Theories: The One True Crime And The One True Rick

Lying in wait for season three of Rick and Morty, one of the best science fiction shows on television, fans are getting antsy. And with antsy fans comes the theories, the explanations, the analyses of episodes gone by, and the telltale tin foil hats. But some theories are wrapped in less tin foil than others, and some stretch the definition of “theory,” so let’s spend these next few months before season three exploring what the fans have to offer. Because we’re getting antsy too.

WARNING: The two videos below go into detail about seasons one and two of Rick and Morty, so if you haven’t watched those, please just watch them for the sake of your own happiness. Then you can come back here if you’d like.

The Film Theorists posted a video to YouTube in April in which they (or, rather, the one voice-over guy) discuss the implications of Rick and Morty’s season two finale. The Film Theorists have a large library of videos on their channel in which they theorize about, discuss, and explain pop culture phenomena. Two of their most-watched videos in recent times are discussions of how to best Deadpool and Wolverine’s healing factor to kill them and how Batman can beat Superman in a fight.

The video in question talks about the crimes Rick committed to land himself in prison at the end of the last episode, “The Wedding Squanchers,” and asserts that Rick is nothing less than a destroyer of worlds, à la Cthulhu. Because he and Morty turned dimension C-137 into an apocalyptic Cronenberg nightmare and were able to smoothly transition to another, nigh identical dimension. This means that Rick could have (and probably has) done this before.

According to the video, anyway, Rick from C-137, our Rick, has essentially Cronenberged an infinite amount of worlds before the one in “Rick Potion #9,” following the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics to which the show subscribes. The video also questions whether C-137 is actually the Cronenberged dimension from the first episode, suggesting the same Rick (whom we identify as being from C-137) has been dimension hopping so much that he’s lost track of where he is.

But is it the same Rick? Is the Rick who gets imprisoned the same Rick who Cronenberged a whole dimension? Is he the same Rick we saw in the first episode of the series? If the dimensions change, why not the Ricks?

Posted by The Save Point Guild on YouTube, this second video goes in depth about what infinite realities means for the Rick and Morty universe and how limited these realities actually are. The Save Point Guild has posted a number of other videos, including vlogs and Let’s Plays, but “The Secret of the Ticket” is the channel’s most viewed video by far.

The video begins by addressing Rick’s ability to sort through infinite realities in order to find the relevant one. The Save Point Guild attributes this ability to the existence of the “central finite curve,” which the video identifies as being a database of universes with genetically identical Ricks. Confused yet? Well thank Roiland it’s not time travel too.

Pondering the infinite realities illustrated in Rick and Morty, The Save Point Guild theorizes that Krombopulous Michael, the assassin from “Mortynight Run” who was presumed dead after Morty crushed him with Rick’s spaceship, is actually alive. Using evidence from the episode, the video points out that the Rick we’d been following the entire episode was not, in fact, Rick C-137. In Rick C-137’s reality, Krombopulous Michael is still alive and is still in possession of a very particular set of skills which he can use to break a certain nefarious old dude out of prison.

What do you think of these theories/interpretations/summaries/whatever they are? How would you break Rick out of prison? Plan his escape in the comments.

Featured image credit: Williams Street/Cartoon Network

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