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Redefining the Geek Community Hub – Serving Tea and Fandom

Redefining the Geek Community Hub – Serving Tea and Fandom

Five years ago, a place like this would have been impossible to imagine. Geeky Teas threw open their doors just recently to a crowd looking for board games, those looking for like-minded individuals, and yes, those seeking a proper spot of tea.

An active, yet harmless Dalek watched as the crowd milled in and out of the shop on its opening night. Customers perused the selection of clothing, accessories, hand crafted tea, and even some t-shirts for people who simply kept getting confusing “tea” for “tees” in the name of the shop. But what makes this place unique is that there are areas throughout the shop where guest congregate over tabletop games or a freshly brewed pot of tea. The secret of Geeky Teas lies in the community it’s working to develop–and their Groot Root Tea.

You can’t miss the shop, lined up in little paper bags with clear windows to allow you to peer inside. The teas of Geeky Teas take center stage as you enter. Dried leaves and bits of unknown ingredients create art within every bag, a Pollock for your tea pot. Each tea comes with their own bit a pop culture in their names from the world of Dungeons & Dragons to SpongeBob. Labels tell of the type of tea along with other elements added in such as dried apple, coconut, or even birthday cake sprinkles. Goodberry Tea, for instance, comes with natural forest berries and promises +1 hp per cup.
There’s more to this shop than simply teas and tees, though. Only a room away, you’ll find a shelf bursting to the brim with board games you can play in-house. Behind another door, you’ll find someplace that looks as though it was pulled straight out of “Twin Peaks”–red curtain, black leather chairs, old-time record player doling out tunes and all. Head past “Bad Wolf” spray painted on the wall and you’ll find a secluded out-cove with chairs, a small table, and a few words of wisdom from our very own Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day on the walls.
And if you are not into board games, they run movie nights, host events for inspiring writers, hold pet adoptions and setup a craft fair with rows of tents brimming with everything related to Doctor Who. It’s all of these things on top of the tea that make this a special place. Think of it as a geek hub where people from across the spectrum can find a home or find something new to love.
Again, five years ago, it would be hard to imagine a place like this not in the backroom of a gaming store or comic shop reaching out to a broader audience. Much like the teas that you can buy there, Geeky Teas blend together multiple elements of geekdom to seep over a warm game or new friendship. We’re seeing a movement from the virtual world into the real world as we look for the same kind of companionship that we find online. Look at the rise of board games as an indicator of people looking for that personal touch when it comes to an experience. Hand crafted teas meet hand crafted experiences. That’s not a bad way to spend an afternoon.
Do you have a geek hub in your neighborhood or looking to start one? Let us know in the forum section. We want to hear about where you go to geek out. Send in a picture and include why you love going there and we might include it in our next article on geek hubs.


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