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Chatroulette Real Life First Person Shooter Puts You in Control of Actual People

Chatroulette used to be the place where you learned about human anatomy, but has now become the home of Real Life First Person Shooter thanks to the team at Realm Pictures. If you happened to hop on the site this Halloween, you would find yourself in the head of an alien prisoner trying to save himself and everyone else kidnapped by vile captors. Part shooter and part tabletop RPG, you were the voice on the other end of the com guiding our hero through the maze of corridors to freedom.

Watch the above video to check out how far people managed to get through the second level of Real Life First Person Shooter. Would you have gone to security first for weapons or maybe slip into engineering to find something more useful to help you get off the ship? Realm Pictures manages to cut together multiple tries from teams of people playing online so you’ll know the right way out. Yes, the alien vessel seems like a well decorated office building, but use your imagination and try to spot the weapons before the players in the video find them.

Below, you’ll also find a behind the scenes video showing you how they managed to create a seemingly convincing 3D computer screen or where they managed to find some of the sets for the engineering room. Maybe you’ll learn the secret behind how they created the [redacted] that you could control later in the game. You can also learn about what’s going into Level 3 and how you can be a part of it. (Yes, it’s a Kickstarter, but they’ve already made their goal and you only need to throw in less than two bucks to get into the system).

Check out all the videos from Realm Pictures about this live action video game hybrid. Do you think you have what it takes to make it to the next level and beyond?

Feature Image Credit: Realm Pictures/Youtube

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