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Rank the Board Games in Your Own Collection Online

Rank the Board Games in Your Own Collection Online

It goes without saying that most readers at Geek & Sundry have rather strong preferences regarding their pass times. If asked to name a favorite board game, they’d surely have a firm choice immediately in mind (along with lots of highly-detailed reasons for that pick). Superlatives would be just as clear when discussing the opposite, too. The middle ground, however, is a touch trickier to define. What is your fifth favorite title, for instance? Or your ninth? Or 23rd? Is there a game that’s somehow still hanging around in your collection, even though you never play it, and honestly don’t care too much for it anymore?

All geeks have answers for such questions of taste, but they miiiiight not be able to call them to mind right away. Indeed, trying to order your preferences with precise rankings is really like trying to use both sides of the brain, at once. How can you express a good time in percentage points? Choices are certainly still made, though, albeit unconsciously. If only some app could make the rank ‘n file easier to suss out?


Well, as it happens, the people at PubMeeble have devised a Board Game Ranking Engine for this exact type of sorting. If you already have the titles in your collection listed outin a spreadsheet, for instanceyou can upload that file directly. The Engine will then present a couple games at a time, and ask which of the two you prefer. If you like them equally, that actually is an option too, but the designers have figured out how to see through your indecision. The Engine will determine which game you truly prefer, if only by degrees, after comparing how the two rank respective to others in your collection. So, this app’s algorithms will make your picks more honest than you can even admit to yourself.

The Ranking Engine may even get you to prune your collection a bit after deducing which games are so un-loved and neglected they probably just need to go. It can handle long lists, too, but PubMeeble’s designers caution that the ranking process will take a while if the list is lengthier. Five games might only take 25 questions to sort out, for instance, while 140 games may require around 700 comparisons. Thankfully, hot keys are built in to speed up the process, essentially letting you choose between games with the ease of swiping left or right on Tindr.

Game Ranking Engine

The Ranking Engine is compatible with Board Game Geek, and seems at least partly inspired by that site’s own game rankings. Now, instead of letting a faceless voting bloc tell you whether Caverna tallies as the #6 Best Game over Scythe, you can have a list that reflects your own tastes, and share it. Indeed, the last step of the Engine’s process enables users to export their rankings to various apps.

Something to note: PubMeeble stresses this app is still in its alpha phase, and they’re eager for users to report bugs and send suggestions as they continue to refine it. We’d request they make other apps that can sort different kinds of collections, but there actually isn’t anything about this Ranking Engine that strictly requires you to log board games. You could put in the titles of your fav comics, Blu-Rays, or even video games and sort them out the same way.

Would the Ranking Engine help you? Or do you already have a precisely-ranked list of favs? Share your thoughts in the talkback.

Image Credits: PubMeeble

Featured Image Credit: Enrico Strocchi

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