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Space JanitorsSpace Janitors

Pyus Dunes – Space Janitors Season 2 Ep. 5

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Darby Richards – Brendan Halloran

Mike Chet – Pat Thornton

Edith Kingpin – Evany Rosen

Dennis 4862 – Scott Yamamura

Emily Roarke – Helen Johns

Steve 12 – Kris Siddiqui

Clone Babe – Lori Bassarab

Producers: Davin Lengyel and Geoff Lapaire

Executive Producers for Geek & Sundry: Felicia Day and Sheri Bryant

Directed by: Geoff Lapaire

Written by: Geoff Lapaire and Andy Hull

Story Editors: Davin Lengyel and Geoff Lapaire

Production Designer: Brian Verhoog

Costume Designer: Joanna Syrokomla

Assistant Costume Designers: Hanne Whitfield and Billie Blast

Sound Mixers: Stephen Bourne and David Guerra

Boom Operator: Greg Moneta

Director of Photography: Mike Fly

First Assistant Director: Jake Howell

Second Assistant Director: Ben Davis

Production Assistant: Michael Cryderman

Gaffer: Jason Bourke

Key Grip: Dan Parkinson

Set Decorator: Joe Susin

Assistant Set Decorator: Andrew Kawcsynski

Script Supervisor: Nicole Dorsey

Hair and Makeup: Monik Walmsley

Hair and Makeup Assistant: Andrea Brown

Editor: Geoff Lapaire

Music: David Dedourek and Pronobozo

Sound Design: Geoff Lapaire

Visual Effects: Davin Lengyel

3D Lead Designer: John Baynton

3D Artists: Mike Tu, Mike Penta,

Sebastian Harde, Max Rose

Logo Design: Davin Lengyel, Luisa Lee

Logo Animation: Davor Mihalji

Composite Artist: Sebastian Harder

Prop Master: Ramon Buczynskyj

Continuity: Emma Malm

Transportation Coordinator: Danny Mendlow

Photography Consultant: Brett Blackwell

Production Accounting by


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