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Putting the International In TableTop Day

Putting the International In TableTop Day

Only a couple of pages of that “Word of the Day” calendar separate us from the glorious day where people around the world will be shuffling cards, rolling dice, and playing as one community. You may just be trying to figure out how you are going to get to the closest event near you, but here at Geek & Sundry we’re trying to connect the whole world from end to end in cardboard (that’s +15 points during the scoring phase). We couldn’t manage this feat without one group – community events.

Think about what it takes just to get your friends around a table to play a monthly game. You need to make sure that everyone can make it this one night, that there’s enough seats for everyone at the table, someone is going to need to bring some chips, and there’s getting the games together. Now imagine doing that for hundreds of thousands of people. (That’s a whole lot of family size chip bags.) But come April 30th, that’s exactly what will be happening – not just in the United States, but all over the world as stores, libraries, cafes, breweries, and other shops keep their doors open, tables arranged, and games put out for play. Community events will be there leading the charge around the world.

I can see that you are still not convinced that TableTop Day is an international event spanning 23 countries and cultures. Already, we have community events lined up in Croatia, Iran, ScotlandRussia, Norway, South Africa and Peru just to name a few of the location scattered around the globe.

It’s not just the stores in the US rolling out the red carpet for anyone willing to play a game. People in the industry such as Campaign Coins out in Melbourne are running their own event to show the community that they want to be a part of this exciting day. Look at Geek Out! Of Buenos Aires, who managed to bring together 300 people for board games on Tabletop Day. This year, they are looking for over 1,000 people to roll dice, play cards, and dance with only the fanciest meeple around. A special shout-out goes to the folks in Burham, New Zealand, who began their event to introduce the military community to the togetherness that gaming can make happen.

And that’s not to say that community events end at the American shores. To make sure that every person looking to have their turn at the table can do so, it takes a small army of community events to ensure that every person has a place at the table. Both Crossroad Games in Maine and  Geeks Giving Back in Nevada looks to bring our cardboard compatriots together under one roof for some amazing games and to raise money for Extra Life, a charity focused on bringing games to sick kids in hospital. Or if you happen to live near Winston-Salem, you attend their massive community event on the big day with scheduled sessions, tournaments, and Tabletop RGP games for all levels of experience. Then there’s the Queen City Game Club in North Carolina, where the goulasch and sausage buffet alone make this an event worth attending.

International Tabletop Day is a day about community, about playing together, about finding that new game to love, or helping other discover their new passion. Community has been and will always be the backbone of this day. Without hundreds of people around the work and in our backyards putting chairs at the table and helping people find their special game, this day would not be possible. If you are one of the many organizers holding community events on TableTop Day, we thank you from the bottom of our meeple hearts to you. And if you are someone still looking for a place at the table come April 30th, check out for all the information about where you can find your local store or community event for that day.

Where in the world will you be for International TableTop Day? Let us know in the comment section below.

Feature Image Credit: BoardGameGeek/Pandemic

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