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Pokémon GO Has Caused Some Insanity In The Real World

Pokémon GO Has Caused Some Insanity In The Real World

If you’re living on planet Earth you’ve likely heard about the latest phenomenon known as Pokémon GO. But whether you’re out in the park hunting down some Pidgey, headed to the beach to catch a Tentacool, or simply walking around wondering why everyone is staring at their phones more than usual, there’s no debating Pokémon GO‘s impact on the “real world”. We rounded up all of the best of the stories coming out of our obsession with Pokémon GO. So put down that phone and check out what’s been happening when Pokémon GO and the “real world” collide.

First of all, snapping photos of Pokémon in funny situations might be the norm now. So make sure to check out this Facebook page full of Pokemon Go Memes that take that idea to the extreme. Everybody’s a comedian and honestly, it’s pretty brilliant.

Over on Forbes, they got scientific justifying our insanity with some old-fashioned reminders that Pokémon GO is actually good for us. I mean, as long as you aren’t robbed while playing or scarred for life after discovering a dead body. Wait, that actually happened. Apparently, some terrible people are scouting popular Pokémon hangouts and dropping lures in hopes of luring some humans to catch. What jerks!

But in better news, this man’s house is a Pokémon gym and he’s totally fine with it. He’s even managed to make friends with some trainers and the gym leader! How cool is it that Pokémon GO is literally bringing people together who never would’ve met otherwise?

Speaking of bringing people together, is it possible that we’ll be seeing an abundance of Pokémon GO-related babies ready to hatch in nine short months? Some Pokémon Trainers might have had a missed romantic connection while hunting. Call it serendipity or maybe kismet. Pokemon equals love apparently. Catch that love while you can and make sure to invite us to your Pokémon-themed nuptials.

But what brings some people together, tears others apart. My sister wasn’t too happy when I ignored her phone calls to hunt Pokémon. Sorry, not sorry?

And shockingly, BuzzFeed has a list for that! Check out these 29 relationships that couldn’t survive the first weekend of Pokémon GO. This might be a good way to weed out potential dates as well.

Pokémon GO has also brought out the best in people. Look at these entrepreneurs offering rides around town to collect Pokémon. Talk about Capitalism–where there’s a need, there’s someone to swoop in and fulfill that need for some cash.

Pokémon GO is also encouraging other forms of creativity. Like these two trainers who noticed a gym out in the ocean ripe for the taking (go Team Mystic!) and kayaked out to claim it. Impressive!

Okay, just one more thing. In case you didn’t know, you can rename your Pokémon once you’ve caught them–and some people are getting pretty creative. Check out this batch of Pokémon dedicated to rock band Smash Mouth’s “All Star”. Hey now, whoever made this, you’re a rock star.

What’s the coolest Pokémon GO-related story you’ve seen? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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