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A Photoshop Wizard Transformed A Bunch Of Regular Pics Into Movie Posters

A Photoshop Wizard Transformed A Bunch Of Regular Pics Into Movie Posters

It’s like the Photoshop equivalent of that Axis of Awesome clip showing how the same basic chords underlie countless pop ballads! Redditor “Your_Post_As_A_Movie” has taken up an ongoing challenge on his thread, using other users’ random photos to craft utterly convincing faux movie posters.

The big revelation? Often enough, it doesn’t take much tweaking to transform mundane iPhone pics into marque-ready banners. Crop here. Tilt there. Crank the contrast. Adjust the color balance. Pick the right font. And presto! Though, maybe it only looks so easy because Your_Post_As_A_Movie is so skilled?

Check out our fav pieces here and marvel at the transformations yourself. We’d wager that you won’t look at you camera roll again without seeing cinematic potential after viewing a few of these “bogus bills.” However, let’s be real: nobody ever took a selfie without imaging how it’d look as a poster. And if Your_Post_As_A_Movie can turn a house cat into an action badass, then greatness is within all our grasps, surely.

Movie Poster Wizard 1

Photo Credits: FritzBakon / Your_Post_As_A_Movie

Granted, the original photo has plenty of artistic wizardry in it already. The “red shift” in the landscape and starfield certainly help, but what really makes the poster look poster-like is the added black negative space, and the authoritative use of text therein.

Movie Poster Wizard 2

Photo Credits: AirportK9 / Your_Post_As_A_Movie

Great balls of fire! Explosions and orange tint will make any scene that much more badass. And grouping the photos together here makes them look like a morbid two-panel gag strip, doesn’t it? That Coast Guard copter is actually what’s exploding behind our canine commando! Now, we must see this movie!

Movie Poster Wizard 3

Photo Credits: Palana / Your_Post_As_A_Movie

The irony here is that most basic sedan’s dashboards would look like spaceship control decks to 85 audiences. Never forget that we’re living in the future! And does the digitized rainbow starburst make anybody else feel like Driveman would be a kinder, gentler remake of that romantic possessed car charmer, Christine?

Movie Poster Wizard 4

Photo Credits: rhymeswithsarah / Your_Post_As_A_Movie

The devil’s truly in the details, and terror lurks in even the most quiet corners of suburbia. What’s amazing here is that so little needed to be done to make this look like a convincing horror movie poster. De-saturate the colors, turn the contrast up, and suddenly the dark shadows in the pure white snow look vastly more menacing.

Movie Poster Wizard 5

Photo Credits: OhMFGoose / Your_Post_As_A_Movie

Once again, it’s the typography that truly anchors the illusion. Past that, it’s just some stretching/skewing and a green filter that gets us to “give a duck” here. The King being far enough away to pass for Mr. Galifinakis certainly helps, too.

Which transformation tickles you most tremendously? Will you submit snappies to this savant, now? Any other Photoshop prodigies to praise? Hit up the talkback!

Featured Image Credit: Your_Post_As_A_Movie

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