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Pawsome Cat Posters You Need Right Meow

Pawsome Cat Posters You Need Right Meow

Everything is better with cats. That’s a fact.

Seattle-based artist Cassie Murphy is an technical writer and graphic designer by trade who has taken her love of animals and art to the most fun level possible. Murphy delighted the internet with her series of art in which she “recats” (Get it? Like “recasts”?) some of our favorite TV shows with kitties.

Even the titles are purrfect. So far, she has pieces for Game of Thrones, Mad Max: Fury Road, Broad City, Orange is the New Black, Parks & Recreation, Last Man on Earth, and Orphan Black. Her latest compilation is of the main cast of Jessica Jones–or as Murphy calls it, “Jessicat Jones.” She also has several original works featuring cats as well as other animals.

Jessicat Jones

I cat even.

Posters for all these pieces are available through Murphy’s Etsy store. You can purchase individual “Game of Sits” cats as magnets too. I know a few people who would appreciate their own “Purrion Lannister” or “Meow Drogo” on their fridge. If you’d rather wear them on your chest, “Orphan Cat” and “Paw’d City” are available as shirts thanks to Teefury.  Or if you want to commission something original, you can easily make a request.

Murphy is now moving beyond simple posters. She’s currently working on the character design and background art for for the indie game Super Secret Self Aware Desert Dash. You can read more about her exploits and upcoming works on her KittyCassandra Facebook page.

If you need to brighten your day, check out some of Murphy’s works in the gallery below.

Cat pun.

Image credits: Cassie Murphy


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