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These Overwatch Action Figures Are Too Huge To Fit On Your Shelf

These Overwatch Action Figures Are Too Huge To Fit On Your Shelf

Blizzard has yet to make a toys-to-life game like Skylanders or LEGO Dimensions, and maybe that’s out of mercy for everybody’s wallets. This global publicity stunt for Overwatch‘s release seems to declare that they’d do the whole toyetic thing much bigger than any human could handle. In fact, it explicitly says so. Right now, an over-sized figurine of the game’s fleet-footed heroine, Tracer, stands watch over the Walk of Fame, and there’s a huge warning label on her packaging.

“While there is no physical or legal possibility to ‘play’ with the giant figures, you can play as 21 different heroes in Overwatch, releasing on the 24th of May, 12:00 GMT, on major consoles and PC. CHOKING HAZARD: It is impossible to choke on the figures due to their large size. However, choking during an actual Overwatch match is possible and may result in last-minute defeats, shame, embarrassment and public ridicule, courtesy of your peers. Prices and participation will not vary. The figures are priceless, and participation is not possible.”

Got it straight? At least a few passersby will still miss the joke, we’re sure. It’s Hollywood, after all. Though, if you can translate that cheeky legalese into French or Korean, you know what the packaging on Genji and Pharah’s “Colossal Collectibles” read. They’re respectively on display in Paris and Busan, forming a triangle of hype to ensure that Overwatch‘s release is a true international incident.


We got an early hand’s on with Overwatch, as well as some tips from the developers about acing the Beta. As fans, these statuesque toys are truly awesome to take in. But imagine what it’d be like to behold them if you’d actually designed the characters? Renaud Galand at Blizzard related that exact experience on his Facebook profile, sharing a photo from inside the warehouse of Alliance Studio (the outfit that built these behemoths). As he describes it, “It was like being eight years old all over again and finally getting the toy you always wanted for Christmas.”

Tracer Build

Well, Blizzard needs to license these builds for 1/99th scale replicas, and stat. There’s still a good half-year left to get ’em available for the holiday season and make many eight-year-olds (and eight-years-olds-at-heart) just as happy as Mr. Galand.

Are you dying for (reasonably-sized) Overwatch action figures, now? What’s the largest and most lavish collectible you’ve ever laid eyes upon? Hit the talkback with suggestions!

Photo Credits: Slashgear , Osevno

Featured Image Credit: Blizzard/Slashgear

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