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Our Favorite Tabletop Games of 2017 (So Far…)

Our Favorite Tabletop Games of 2017 (So Far…)

With GenCon just around the corner, we thought it might be a great time to go back and look at some of our favorite games that captured us for the first half of the year.  This list certainly isn’t exhaustive, but it certainly is some of the high points we’ve played this year (January through June inclusive) in no particular order.



The 21-pound legacy dungeon crawl was not only heavily praised by writer Charlie Theel in his original review, but was so thoroughly enjoyed that it was revisited in an article recounting the experience having played the game 30 hours in. “You push forward, you explore, and you never stop. With 90 quests, the game is not lengthy, it’s virtually interminable.”



It’s a bloody fantasy battle game the whole family can enjoy, provided your family is into that flavour of awesome. Writer Raf Cordero summed up his thoughts on the game as, “It’s not just simple, it’s elegant and elegant games are worth heaping praise on because they get played over and over. The strategy is rich and will change every game, yet it’s immanently approachable.”



The review for this compelling game describes the play experiences simply: “For the Eurogamer who loves maximization, efficiency, and reasonable play time, Yokahama is a hard one to beat.  And one of the best of the year so far.”



Battle Bots meets anime characterization in this dice-rolling robot arena fighting game. “Gekido is a joy to play. It revels in the presentation and tactile experience of slamming beautiful toys on the table, while providing an engaging tactical combat system for the gamers at the table.”



The escape room experience from the comfort of your home is basically the promise of the Unlock! games, and one it does very well, as we outline in our review. “If you’re looking for an abstracted Escape Room experience, Unlock! is here to toss you in a cell and throw away the key. It’s one of the most creative designs of the year and absolutely earns its wings through a consistent flood of creative and satisfying puzzles.”

Century Spice Road

Century Spice Road

Ruel Gaviola went so far as to call Century Spice Road an improved version of Splendor in his review of the game. “Century: Spice Road takes the basic premise of Splendor and ramps it a notch to offer a bit more depth while maintaining an easy-to-learn turn structure and goal.”

Techno Bowl


The visceral play experience of this game was admittedly hard to describe in a written review, but Charlie did seem to capture the feeling of the game successfully: “[Techno Bowl] pins you to the turf and fills your mouth with dirt and blood. More often than not you’ll come away with a toothy grin choking back the grit.”



This game can be a family-friendly engine building romp through an amusement park, or a cutthroat game of industrial sabotage, revealing the seedy underbelly of the amusement park industry. How you choose to play is up to you, and that variation is why writer Nathan Pullan lauded it in his review, “There are many different ways to score points so if every player is chasing a different path to victory, it can easily be anybody’s game until the final scores are tallied.”

Warhammer 40,000: Dark Imperium 


This release is an unrepentant expression of the best of miniature wargaming: incredible miniatures, narrative-based gaming, and a focus on making the hobby and game accessible. As this box set heralds the newest edition of Warhammer 40K, our review reveals all the things we love about this box set: “[It] plays with renewed speed and feels fresh and delightful amid a sea of competition. Fun is of primary importance and fun it is.”

Which games have been you favourites this year? Tell us in the comments!

Image Credits: Teri Litorco, Raf Cordero, Charlie Theel, GeekyInsight, Games Workshop, Asmodee
Featured Image Credits (Composite): Geek & Sundry, Teri Litorco, Raf Cordero, Charlie Theel, GeekyInsight, Games Workshop, Asmodee

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