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Other PlayStation Indie Games You Should Play If You Love Journey

Other PlayStation Indie Games You Should Play If You Love Journey

If there’s one game that somehow came to sum up the current definition of an indie game for many players, it’s ThatGameCompany’s Journey. First released in 2012 as a follow-up to Flower, Journey now glides onto the PlayStation 4, bringing the mystery, adventure, and unique cooperative gameplay that it inhabited on the PlayStation 3. Journey has been described as everything from an album to a perfect translation of the classic Hero’s Journey, and if you still haven’t played it it’s worth grabbing on PlayStation 4.

But what about other indie games from the PlayStation 3? You’ve probably got one of those still kicking around your closet, and a few of the purchases you make will transfer to your Ps4. Whatever the case, here’s a few other indie titles from the PS3 era definitely worth your time.


Sound Shapes

One of the coolest ideas of the PS3 Indie era was the exploration of familiar game mechanics like side scrolling and 3-D space traversal without the challenge or threat of death their predecessors emphasized. Journey handles failure in shifting and subtle ways through its cooperative play, while Sound Shapes doesn’t let the player die at all—you simply move from screen to screen, bouncing off different objects in the world and playing the musical notes that come off of them as you navigate the different spaces. By growing accustomed to what sounds different shapes make, you might find yourself adjusting your path to make the tune you find pleasing—or discordant–depending on what fits your mood. And if you’re a music fan, it lets you play along to music by Deadmau5, Beck, and other awesome artists whose tracks are featured in the game!


Knytt Underground

Knytt Underground hasn’t made the transition from PS3 to PS4 yet, but it is available on the still-supported PlayStation Vita, so it may yet be worth your time. Knytt Undergrounds exploration flow is closer to that of Metroid or Castlevania, bouncing through a maze of side-scrolling rooms as you discover different powers and characters across a quirky story. Knytt Underground continues the story of the previous freeware Knytt games, so traveling down this dark cavern may be a good adventure for those interested in homebrewed games with unusual ideas.


Papo and Yo

From the creators at Minority Media, Papo and Yo was one of the critically acclaimed titles of the PS3 indie slate that nudged up against the edges of both how to play games and what games wanted to talk about. Its lead developers have been fierce advocates for exploring questions of childhood abuse in racially diverse settings, with Papo and Yo’s hero Qico and their follow up game Spirits of Spring’s Chiwatan standing out in fierce stories about abuse from their family and their friends. Papo and Yo was another defining part of PS3’s indie history, and you can still pick it up on PS3 and Steam, or play it on your PS4 through Sony’s PlayStation Now service.

Bonus Game

Never Alone

I’m cheating to put Never Alone on the list because it launched first on the PS4, but if you still have your PS3 you’ll be able to play it there too on July 28th, when developer E-Line Media releases the Iñupiat side-scroller on PS3 and a new storyline with new puzzles on both PS3 and PS4. Never Alones retelling of Iñupiat folklore weaves documentary footage and challenging side-scroller puzzles into a clever adventure that brings Native experiences to the gaming world. The new downloadable content, Foxtales, aims to tell the story of what happens when Never Alone’s young heroes forget to respect the spirits around them, and must work together to survive new threats while exploring the arctic circle.

The PlayStation 3 may now be a memory for gamers today, but its best indie titles still live on, making their way to the PlayStation 4 and still accessible on Sony’s older console. If you need something small and wondrous to get you through this week—check them out!

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