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How One Woman Protested an Unfair Office Dress Code With Cosplay

How One Woman Protested an Unfair Office Dress Code With Cosplay

You all know that we love cosplay at Geek & Sundry. Hell, we occasionally do Cosplay Fridays at the office. Unfortunately, not all employers are this awesome. Come to think of it, we’re pretty darn lucky. But in the case of one fellow geek, cosplay in the office became a clever way of protest.

June Rivas is an office professional and her contract requires her to dress like one. “No [formal] dress code. Just be clean and pressed.” She would usually wear what most consider “business casual” with her hair in a ponytail or in a headscarf. This is what Rivas says she typically wore around the office:

Rivas 1 Suit

Looks appropriate to sane people, but her boss told her that her ponytails and headscarves were unprofessional and she couldn’t wear them any more. Rivas filed a complaint, pointing out that there was no dress code. To retaliate, her boss instated an official dress code that banned sandals, straps, cleavage, cut out backs, lace, ponytails, and head wraps, even “cultural head wraps.”

Rivas decided it would be best to comply with the dress code, just not in the way her boss expected. How did she comply? Like this:

Rivas 5

And this.

Rivas 2 Star Trek

And this!

Rivas 6

Rivas dressed in cosplay every day, making sure that each element of her costumes complied with the new dress code. If wigs, corsets, and capes aren’t banned, then rock it, girl! Only once did her union ask her to remove part of her cosplay, and that was when she was wearing a bra on the outside of her Mortal Kombat look. She’s posted over 20 selfies of her “work” outfits on Facebook and is currently waiting a response from the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission.

Here’s an idea for her future business cards. “June Rivas: Cosplay Hero.”

Rivas’ cosplay protest has us tickled. Are you bold enough to wear cosplay in the workplace? Tell us what you think in the comments!

Image credits: June Rivas

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