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On the Table – Golems, Waterdeep and Mice & Mystics!

Welcome back to a new episode of On The Table, your table top games news source! This time around we’ll be kicking things off with the mighty warriors of Golem Arcana. This certainly looks like Shadow of the Colossus on the tabletop! We also delve into the beautiful miniatures from Tercio Creativo, these have to be seen to be believed.

On top of that we have board games from Fantasy Flight in Letters from Whitechapel, card games like Sopio and if you’re a lover of role-playing, you can’t miss out on Splintered Light Miniatures’ hero range.

Oh and did I mention we give you more info on the epic DreadBall!

Previous Winner:

Talking of DreadBall the winner of the epic prize from last episode is…


…enjoy your Ultimate prize and make sure to tell us all the secrets you learn from your chat with Warren and James!

This Episodes Prize:

This time we’re giving away an awesome prize from our friends at Plaid Hat Games. If you loved the Redwall book series as a kid and play Mouseguard nowadays as your role-play of choice (if you haven’t heard of both then check them out!) then Mice & Mystics is the game for you.

You have a chance to win the core game where you play as magically transformed heroes trying to stop an evil doer from taking over your world.

Show Links:

Golem Arcana


Tercio Creativo: Dies Irae

Puppets War Bitz

Letter from Whitechapel


Splintered Light Miniatures

Wild West Exodus

Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport

Bushido: Silvermoon Trade Syndicate

Mice and Mystics

Happy Gaming!

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