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Official #TableTopDay Swag

International TableTop Day is quickly approaching (it’s on April 11th if you haven’t marked your calendars yet) and we’ve got even more stuff for you to play more games with.

Twitch host Hector runs down (in a sea of balls…yeah, we know) what you can find out in Limited Edition International TableTop Promo Kit. Here’s what you can you find in it along with some super pretty photos (ooooooooh!).

  • Reverse Charades Geek & Sundry Edition
  • Dead Man’s Draw TableTop Day Edition
  • Dead of Winter Felicia Day Survivor Promo Pack
  • Evolution Promo Coaster Pack
  • Boot Hill Extra Character Promo Sheet
  • Castle Panic TableTop Day Tower
  • Munchkin TableTop Bookmark
  • Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day Fluxx Promo Pack
  • Three Cheers for Master TableTop Promo Card
  • X-Wing Promo Cards
  • Custom Geek & Sundry Card Deck
  • Sheriff of Nottingham TableTop Trophy of Awesome Promo Card
  • Five Tribes Wil Wheaton Djinni Promo Card
  • Roll For It! Owlbear Promo Card
  • Batman Love Letter
  • Geek Out TableTop Edition Promo Pack
  • Killer Bunnies Promo Card Pack
  • Zombie Romeo & Zombie Juliet Promo Cards
  • Where Art Thou Romeo
  • Escape Promo Bundle​

Be sure to check in with your friendly local gaming store to pick one up! Or scold them for not carrying. Actually, don’t scold them. That’s rude. Just firmly and politely tell them you would like one before April 11th!

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