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Nintendo Celebrates Pokémon’s 20th Anniversary With So…Much…Pokémon

It’s a great year for Pokémon fans. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the best-selling gaming franchise, Nintendo announced a slew of new releases and promotions fans can look forward to in 2016:

  • Starting in February, you will be able to nab mythical Pokémon every month including Darkrai, Mew, Shaymin and more
  • New Nintendo 3DS bundles with Pokémon Blue or Pokémon Red coming February 27
  • Pokémon TGC: Generations – A special expansion to the Pokémon trading card game
  • Pokémon TGC: Mythical Pokémon Collections which will feature a different promo card each month
  • Pokémon Trainer Red: Champion with Nendroid figures available exclusively at
  • And more Pokémon 20th Anniversary Edition products coming to

If you’re not as much of a gamer, but enjoy the Pokémon anime, then there is good news for as well. Pokémon: The First Movie, Pokémon The Movie 2000, Pokémon 3 The Movie, and possibly as many as all twelve Pokémon films  are being digitally remastered and released on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Video. And if you’ve never had a reason to watch the Superbowl, now you do. Nintendo will have a special Pokémon commercial airing during the big game.

Of course, you also have Pokémon Go and Pokkén Tournament to look forward to this year.

What release are you looking forward to the most?  Let us know in the comments!

Featured imaged credit: Nintendo

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