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News report reveals villain’s plot in Civil War

News report reveals villain’s plot in Civil War

A while back, there was talk of an adaption of Damage Control, the comic about a construction company that rebuilds property in the aftermath of superheroes’ outrageously destructive battles. Such a show might still be a ways off, but did you know there’s already a little series on YouTube offering everyday citizens’ view on the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s larger-than-life events?

The faux program NewsFront launched last summer in between the releases of Age of Ultron and Ant-Man. Its little briefs showed the fall-out of the Avengers’ “meteoric” victory in Sokovia, as well as interviews with Scott Lang and Darren “Yellow Jacket” Cross which expanded their backstory with a pinch of verisimilitude.

As a new Marvel movie arrives, NewsFront returns, as well, using CNN-ish talking heads to reveal choice tidbits about Civil War‘s plot. From these, we learn that Hydra turncoat Crossbones stages a highly damaging attack in Nigeria which brings all the arguments about superhero regulation following the “Sokovia Incident” to a boil. See for yourself.

Note that General Thunderbolt Ross is now referred to as “secretary,” meaning he got a big promotion since the Incredible Hulk, and has a lot more authority to tell these do-gooders what to do. Another video shows that the concerns spurring the titular civil war in the new Captain America movie also stem from the continued clean-up of the crashed S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarriers from the end of the last Cap movie. No plot points left behind!

There are a bunch of other NewsFront “episodes” on the channel. One features an interview with this world’s U.S. president, grilling him about vigilante ethics. Another debates if special taxes should pay for superhero damage (taxes being what everybody wants to mind in their escapism, of course).

Some of the non-superhero faces in these clips should be familiar. There’s even something of a pantheon for the ordinary supporting characters. Remember Christine Everheart, the ace reporter Tony Stark hooks up with in the first Iron Man? Or Matthew Ellis, the president he saves in Iron Man 3? Al Madrigal’s political commentator hasn’t shown up in any Marvel movie, as of yet, but he’s been a correspondent on the Daily Show for several years, so he’s certainly a fake news veteran.

Has all this added realism amped your enthusiasm for Civil War? Hit the talkback!

Featured Image Credit: Marvel

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