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New Quest for Fallout 4 from Nvidia

New Quest for Fallout 4 from Nvidia

Bethesda released its last add-on, Nuka World, for Fallout 4, but once you finish the soda filled amusement park you don’t have to stop exploring. Nvidia, the graphics card company, is getting in on creating content for the game and they have gone full bore with their first mod.

Vault 1080 is a fully fledged adventure that promises around an hour of gameplay. It comes with weapon debris, new meshes and materials, and a volumetric lighting upgrade which will create shafts of light to illuminate areas more naturally. The Vault 1080 quest line itself, starts quite near to Vault 111, the original vault you awaken in the beginning of the game. Vault 1080 looks largely abandoned at first, but sinister messages left on the vault terminals lead you on a dark mission to discover the fate of the cultishly devout Vault 1080 residents.

Nividia mist

Once you download the mod from Bethesda’s Mod Workshop you can begin by tracking the ‘Church of the Valley’ quest which leads you to a shack just on the outskirts of a marsh. We  were intrigued and gave the adventure a play, but sadly, on our system the light graphics did not hold up all that well. We got a lot of pixelation whenever we encountered the new light rays effect. It is likely on a better rig you will probably get cleaner visuals.

Nividia light

The rest of the adventure was pretty interesting. Nvidia actually went as far to make fully voice acted segments and created a pretty elaborate map. You’ll encounter your fair share of rad roaches and shambling ghouls as you explore the eerie remnants of another disturbing Vault-tech experiment. If you’ve been looking for more fun content for Fallout 4, Vault 1080 might just be your next stop.

What mods have you tried for Fallout 4? Now that Bethesda has released its last Add-on, what do you hope to see in the next game? Let us know in the comments below!

Image Credits: Nvidia

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