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Nerd Icons Painted Like Saints

Nerd Icons Painted Like Saints

Geek culture is inspiring.

Whether its spraypainting “Frodo Lives!” on the side of a subway car, or tattooing yourself with the sigil of the Mandalorians, geek culture demands to be taken into new contexts, juxtaposed, and made our own.

image (5)Pop artist Zeuf does just that by taking geek paragons such as Data, Mulder, and Aunt Beru and presenting them in the style of Catholic religious iconography. He describes his work as “a style of art that is referential to propaganda art and religious iconography, most similar to what you’d see on Mexican prayer candles, and things like that… I take those classic images and mesh them with the icons of my youth or contemporary pop figures.”

He then puts his work on prayer candles and posters, which you can find at his website, Omakase Images. Omakase, which means “chef’s choice” in Japanese, was chosen by Zeuf because, “I spent a lot of time doing advertising art, and this is now my choice, and I hope you enjoy it.”

image (2)The juxtaposition of modern idols and classical presentation “fuels my art,” Zeuf says, “because it’s a fun way to take somebody contemporarily worshiped, because in our contemporary culture we worship pop idols, and instead of having familiar images [such as] Jesus or Mary, to put Mr. T or Darth Vader on a candle [instead] is very amusing to me.”

Zeuf does have some personal favorites among his many works. He said, “I am particularly pleased with St. Neil de Grasse Tyson, as he’s a man of science, so it’s more ironic to have this scientist [honored by] a prayer candle.”

You can check out more of Zeuf’s work in the gallery below!

Who would you like to see honored with a prayer candle? Let us know in the comments below! 

All images courtesy Omakase Images.


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