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Music Video to Video Game? We’ve Got Some Ideas

Music Video to Video Game? We’ve Got Some Ideas

We recently discovered that Jamiroquai’s 1996 music video for Virtual Insanity is now a video game, via the band’s Jamiroquai Game, available on GameJolt. If you ask us, it’s a fun new take on the classic music video genre. But that got us thinking…what OTHER music videos would be fun to see turned into video games? We put together a list of some of our favorite music videos that might be fun to play if they were ever turned into games.

Thriller, Michael Jackson Ok so there is technically a Michael Jackson video game with a “Thriller” level but c’mon…we want the whole thing! Zombies, werewolves, 80s…ummmm, where do we sign up? It’s perhaps the greatest music video ever made, and would be so much fun to romp around in via a video game. If the gaming system allowed you to “dance fight” zombies in order to get them to join your team of undead dancers, we think we’d be playing this game for hours.

Feel Good Inc., Gorillaz Think about it: incredible animation, interesting location, and cool gorilla characters? Sound like a recipe for success? We think that if you were to turn this awesome video into a game you’d have a fun, fantasy platform similar to most fantasy games of the 90s. Can we just be happy and enjoy running around on a flying island propelled by a windmill, soaring over a creepy violent sci-fi world? Please!?

Bye, Bye, Bye, N*Sync This would be a fun game, because you’d get to control a bunch of 90s/00s kids hanging from strings and make them do funny dances on toy shelves…ok, so maybe it’s a video game more suitable for, say, the app store for your cell phone. But either way, who wouldn’t want to make a bunch of puppets with bleached tips do whatever you say?

Here it Goes Again, OK GO Quite honestly, any of OK GO’s music videos would be awesome as a video game. (Check them out if you don’t know what we’re talking about) Here It Goes Again would be fun, however, because we think everyone secretly wants to jump around on a bunch of treadmills. The goal of the game could be to reach a finish line or avoid getting hit with things, but either way…LOTS OF TREADMILLS.

Come a Little Closer, Cage the Elephant Take the creepy/cool animation from this music video and couple it with a video game and you get one very cool, very indie looking experience that most gamers would love. Think Rayman meets Earthworm Jim meets…H.P. Lovecraft? Again…where do we sign up?

Billie Jean, Michael Jackson It’s no surprise that Michael Jackson would be on this list twice…I mean, the guy DID have his own video game. But, if you couple this awesome music video where MJ dances around on an eerie street while the sidewalk beneath his feet lights up, we think you’ve got a recipe for a fun game. Maybe it could be a memory-game, or even similar to minesweeper. Either way, we’d love to hop into Michael’s shoes and “Getchabeat on! Tee hee!”

Knights of Cydonia, Muse Post-apocalyptic cyber cowboys. Do we really need to say more?

Heart Shaped Box, Nirvana Any video game that delves into the mind of Kurt Cobain is worth looking into. The music video for Heart Shaped Box, while a bit bizarre, could be a pretty interesting and entertaining video game with a bit of a mind-trip factor. Maybe like, Myst meets Wizard of Oz?

Fell in Love with a Girl, The White Stripes Watch the video, which is made entirely from LEGO bricks, and tell us that this video doesn’t already look like a pixelated video game from the 80s. We’re not sure what the goal of the game might be, but if this music video ever made the transition to video game, we would love to cruise around a pixelated world as a pixelated Jack White. Who wouldn’t?

2 Legit 2 Quit, MC Hammer This music video basically plays like a video game already. First of all…it’s long. The video shows MC Hammer seeking guidance from none other than the godfather himself, James Brown. Picture Bowzer’s castle, but with a funky, soulful, well-dressed James Brown on the throne. Then, couple that with MC Hammer’s sudden ability to fly and teleport, mixed with his funky dance moves, and this might just be the greatest game ever. And remember, before you rage quit…you’re to legit…too legit to quit.

What music videos do you think would make great videogames? Let us know in the comments below! Disagree with any of our picks, feel free to tell us.

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