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More Fan Comics Bring the Love and Lore to the Force Awakens

More Fan Comics Bring the Love and Lore to the Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens may finally hit stores via Blu-ray, but the fans have been making great comics and art ever since the film was released in theaters. Rey, Finn, and Poe, along with the nefarious Kylo Ren, have galvanized talented artists to let their imaginations loose in this new Star Wars universe. We’ve covered a selection of compelling and fun fan comics before and we’re back to share even more to make you giggle and you move you in ways only the fandom knows how.

What I Renly Do

Art by Randomsplashes

Comics artist Claire aka Randomsplashes did this Kylo Ren comic based off the ubiquitous 2012 meme “What People Think I Do / What I Really Do” capturing their heart of our new favorite villain and making him the relatable trash we know and love. A perfect companion to the Emo Kylo Ren Twitter account.

Triple Bun Rey

Art by Dami Lee

At WonderCon this year I was blessed with wave after wave of fantastic Rey cosplay doing the triple bun, ringlet thing. Dami Lee shows how this hairstyle can be adapted onto other Star Wars characters. I bet everyone would want to mimic Rey after seeing her grow into a badass in The Force Awakens. I can’t wait to try out the hairstyle for myself when my hair is long enough.

Give a BB-8 a Bone

Art by Lissa Treiman

Like all of us, Lissa Treiman took joy in our favorite new droid BB-8 and its frenzied charm. In this comic she reimagines the droid’s antics like it’s a feisty puppy while Rey pilots the Millenium Falcon in full frantic pet parent mode. I can certainly relate. Down BB-8, down! Good droid!

Star Wars Pupil

Art by Vincent Ramos

A culmination of a few fan theories, Vincent Ramos presents a charming scene of a young Rey with a foreboding moment for young Ben Solo (Kylo Ren), both under the tutelage of Master Jedi Luke Skywalker. I would like to believe this scenario is true. Who knows if we’ll get a deeper look into the past of these two characters in the remaining to chapters in this new trilogy. Ramos’s comic is a must read. Click here to see the entire thing!

A Boy & His BB-8

Art by Noho

These comics by Noho capture a day in the life of handsome Resistance pilot Poe Dameron and his beloved droid BB-8 before the events of The Force Awakens (I presume) going on adventures and just being so darn freakin’ adorable. These images add a lot depth to the friendship we see on screen and the emotions we feel seeing their journey together and apart. Click here to see the rest!

The Rey You Looked At Me

Art by Maddi Gonzalez

Maddi Gonzalez makes two moments collide in her hilarious comic featuring Rey and Finn. Maybe it’s all the intense action that bonds these two characters together so quickly, but I can’t help but burst out laughing from Gonzalez’s juxtaposition of these two scenes from the film. I’ll never look at that scene the same way again.

Are you excited to rewatch The Force Awakens? Share your favorite Star Wars fan art and fan comics in the comments below!

Feature Image by Vincent Ramos

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