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More Board Game Commercials You Probably Don’t Remember

More Board Game Commercials You Probably Don’t Remember

Sometimes a little blast from the past is just what we all need to remind us how far we’ve come. Like in the board game world, for example. Whether the games themselves were tragic, boring, straight-up wacky, or it was just the commercial portraying them that way, marketing has sure evolved since these advertisements aired for the world to see.

Goosebumps: Terror in the Graveyard

Don’t be afraid, it’s just a game. Milton Bradley does it again with this hilariously spooky commercial for their Goosebumps: Terror in the Graveyard board game. Were the zombie and werewolf masks enough to give you a fright?

Forbidden Bridge

Like a scene straight out of Broken Sword, Milton Bradley’s Forbidden Bridge has you on a dangerous hunt for treasure leading you to exactly that, a forbidden bridge of doom. And you know what? The mouth of the bridge is literally a mouth reminding you that your quest is in fact forbidden. Did we mention it’s forbidden?

Eat at Ralph’s

Ready to be just as disgusted as you are entertained thanks to our best friends over at Milton Bradley? Eat at Ralph‘s will get you there, because the double-meaning of Ralph is clever and gross all rolled into one. What makes things even nuttier is how strangely excited those teenagers were to be giving away their pizza and tacos.

Arch Rival

You just might feel like you’re riding a roller coaster watching this advertisement for Hasbro’s Arch Rival. It’s hard to tell what you’re actually supposed to do with the game when you’re upside down, inside out, and rolling all about, but the writers at least made sure you’d know that there is an arch involved. Also, a house party, because nothing says “90’s board game commercial” quite like a party straight out of a B52’s music video.

Ask Zandar

Sure, we have the world at our fingertips now, but not long ago there wasn’t access to instant messaging and fortune telling apps to help us on our quest for life, liberty, and the pursuit of cute dates. Milton Bradley’s Ask Zandar was the answer to many of our middle school dating debacles.

What are some of your favorite strange board game commercials from the past? Share them with us in the comments below, or let’s discuss the fun over on Twitter @bekahbabble!

Featured Image Credit: Milton Bradley/Goosebumps

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