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Meet the Woman Behind the Hammer…But What Makes Her Worthy?

Meet the Woman Behind the Hammer…But What Makes Her Worthy?

Since Marvel Comics debuted their brand new, female Thor, readers have been speculating who this mysterious, badass woman truly is. Her real identity came secondary to the exciting fights and adventures on the page, and everyone had to wait until the time was right to find out who this girl was. Well, if you pick up today’s copy of Thor No. 8, you’ll find out just who the lucky hammer-wielder is… (Spoiler Alert)

Thor female

Yep…Jane Foster is the new female Thor. Thor’s longtime love and his human companion has taken on the mantle and is fulfilling the responsibilities that would be expected of a Norse God of Thunder. But what is it that makes Jane Foster so worthy? Not just anyone can wield Thor’s hammer. They have to be pure of heart, full of bravery, and able to master the will of a champion. Well, if you ask us…they picked the right girl.

jane foster 3

Think about it. How many “love interests” in comics would have what it takes to take on their significant other’s mantle and duties? Jane Foster has been through many tests throughout her run in Marvel Comics, and we think that she’s the perfect choice to pick up where her man left off. First off, she’s a fighter. While seemingly on the outside, she’s a mild mannered doctor/scientist (depending on your source material), Jane has seen her share of battles and learned how to fight and survive by being around the best of the best. But there’s one other fight that draws our attention…one that is perhaps the greatest fight of all…her battle against cancer. In recent history, in was announced that Jane Foster had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and it broke our hearts to see her have to fight that battle. But she’s a fighter. She took it on like a champ and still continues to grab life by the horns. By battling cancer AND wielding her new hammer and Asgardian power, Jane takes on more fight than most others could ever handle.

jane foster 1

She’s pure of heart too. Who else would risk their life to save heroes on a whim? There’s only a handful of doctors and nurses who we can think of off the top of our heads. In the comics, Jane is often the one to come in and help the Avengers heal and recuperate after a hard battle. Plus, she’s proven herself to be a strong arm of support for Thor on numerous occasions. Even Odin has recognized her compassion and her purity of heart, at times allowing her to visit Asgard and take part in their special occasions and privileges.


Therein lies the greatest key to the argument: she’s the closest to being an Asgardian as any human could ever dream to be. Odin has endowed her with Asgardian powers in the comics before, so why should it come as any surprise that he would find her worthy of wielding Thor’s hammer. But why not just choose another Asgardian to wield the hammer, like Sif? Jane has proven her loyalty and worthiness so many countless times before, we think even Lady Sif would approve. No matter your take on the big reveal, you can’t deny that Jane Foster has been, and always will be a strong lady in comics. AND…who better to protect Earth than an earthling herself? Her next challenges as the female Thor are still unfolding, but we think the world is safe in her hands.

What do you think of the identity reveal? Agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments!

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