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Meet Sombra, Overwatch’s Latest Playable Hero

Meet Sombra, Overwatch’s Latest Playable Hero

During today’s Overwatch panel at Blizzcon 2016 in Anaheim, the Overwatch team showed off the newest addition to the game’s roster, Sombra, and her origins as well as some intriguing concept art. She’s been on our minds for quite some time ahead of her official release, so it was refreshing to finally get a good look at her.

Sombra herself is a hacker and member of the Mexican gang, Los Muertos, working alongside Reaper and Widowmaker with the Talon organization, as demonstrated in the special Overwatch animated short that accompanied her debut.

Sombra is best utilized as an offensive character with a special Hack ability that allows her to disable health packs and other augments. She’s also got a Thermoptic Camo ability that allows temporary cloaking. Lastly, but certainly not least, she can use her Translocator ability to teleport to special beacons thrown out during the matches. Her Ultimate ability is EMP, which can take out enemy shields and abilities so you can get them before they get you.

Most of the presentation was spent discussing Sombra, her background, and some of the surprises in store for her, such as the special Los Muertos skin for young Sombra, a nod to an earlier point in her life, and the special, months-long alternate reality game that began back in July. Blizzard has been teasing fans for what seems like an eternity, so finally seeing her in action has no doubt gotten fans in a tizzy.

Alongside detailing Sombra, a new desert map known as Oasis was shown off, as well as the Arcade mode, where you can choose from 1v1 and 3v3 game types.

Sombra will be making her way to the Public Test Realm next week for PC players, so you can get your Overwatch on with the game’s (awesome) new character. Oasis is scheduled for a release sometime in December. No word yet on when to expect Sombra for consoles.

Are you planning on using Sombra when she releases?

Featured image credit: Blizzard

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