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This Guy Used Legos To Tell His Adorably Romantic Story

How do you show your love for your bae, your boo, your special someone? If you’re a writer, you might write a poem. If you’re painter, you might paint a picture. And if you’re an animator, you might create something like this short but incredibly sweet LEGO video.

Kevin Ulrich, professional animator by day, helpless romantic by night, spent 70 hours animating the tale of his relationship with his future wife Celina, which he then shared on YouTube. It seems that Kevin was reluctant to date her because they worked together, but awesomely, Celina’s nerdy references won him over. 

Celina had asked him to create this video, which runs a mere 73 seconds, but Kevin already had the idea—and a script. Celina then helped him refine it. According to The Daily Dot, they decided to include only moments that were meaningful to them, as well as simple to animate. In addition, the moments had to be “visually distinctive and fun to look at.”

Highlights of their relationship include what looks like trips to Japan, Venice, and a petting zoo.

Their wedding will take place on April 17. Let’s hope real-life Kevin and Celina don’t have the same mishaps with the ring that LEGO Kevin and Celina have.

True love should always be this geekily adorable.

Feature Image Credit: YouTube: Brotherhood Workshop

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