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Make Sure You Get a Creative Celeb Photo Ops at Comic Con

Make Sure You Get a Creative Celeb Photo Ops at Comic Con

Getting a chance to meet your favorite celebrity and take a picture with them is one of the coolest things about a convention. While it’s awesome to just get a picture, you really want your photo op to be memorable. After all, you spent money for the ticket and time waiting in the line–you might as well do something to make this entire experience unique and unforgettable.

Of course, if you try to figure out something creative or clever to do in your picture while you’re standing in line, chances are the pressure can cause you to either draw a blank or only thing of super weird (and not like the good kind of weird). It’s important to plan ahead and looking at some examples of fun celeb photo ops can help get the creativity flowing.

Make It A Huge Event

Don’t just make it a regular old celeb photo op, but make the interaction one that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Plus the, how awesome would it be to get to say for the rest  of your life, “Remember when I proposed and Sebastian Stan was there?”

Bring Props

Who knows when you’ll get to see your faves again, up close and IRL, so why not bring something that takes the pic up a notch? Whether you want to bring something that relates to the movie or show or something that’s personal to you, it can make your photo op a bit more than a quick hello and picture snap. Just be sure to check any rules that the celebrity or convention has about props.

Take a Normal Picture… and Then Let Them Doodle On It

I’ll be honest: thinking of something that is clever enough to make a cool photo op while also not being something that is stupid or will embarrass me later is super stressful. So if you’re like me and also thoroughly overwhelmed at the thought of figuring out a clever pose, why not take a regular pic and when you take it to them to autograph, encourage your heroes to doodle on it to make it a bit more than just a signed pic.

Pose in Cosplay

Haven’t you always watched your faves on TV or the big screen and dreamed that you could be in the cast with them? Who knows if you’ll ever get that chance for real, but you showing up in cosplay and recreating a scene can be almost as fun.

Of course the most important thing to remember is to be respectful of the convention and the celeb you’re posing with. You can’t get any sort of a pic with a celebrity if you get kicked out of the line for breaking the rules, right? So be nice and follow the rules!

What are some other awesome examples of creative celebrity photo ops? What are some ideas you have for a fun and unique picture? Tell us in the comments!

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