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Love your Local Comic Shop: Be in our music video!

Love your Local Comic Shop: Be in our music video!

For most of us who love comics, there’s a special place in our hearts for the friendly local comic book store: the place where you found your favorite book, maybe, or where you met your best friend, or the shop you still miss where you first fell in love with comics.

Amy Dallen has written a song (with the wonderful Jason Charles Miller) in tribute to local comic book stores everywhere, and we’d like your help celebrating them. If you’d like to be part of it, record a video of yourself, at home or even in your favorite store (with permission), telling us what that store is (or was) and what it means to you. We will be using the visuals ONLY, so visual communication, please!

Here’s an example video Amy made at House of Secrets, where she works:

And here’s a link to the clip art Amy used for the speech bubble, to give the thing a proper comic book feel!

Record your video and submit it via We Transfer ( to [email protected] by Tuesday April 22nd, and we’ll combine as many as possible into the music video in the Free Comic Book Day episode of Talkin’ Comics Weekly!

BORING LEGAL STUFF: Submitting your video to us doesn’t guarantee you’ll make it into the actual video. We will do our best to use as many as possible but we have limited space and time.