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LifePrint: Augmented Reality, Harry Potter Style!

LifePrint: Augmented Reality, Harry Potter Style!

As augmented reality inches closer to actual reality, cool new products are sprouting up everywhere. One such venture is LifePrint. Currently a Kickstarter project, the idea has caught the attention of enthusiasts around the globe because of one name: Harry Potter. No, the product is not made by Warner Bros. or in any way endorsed by J.K. Rowling, but the are uncanny similarities to the wondrous world of Hogwarts and this tiny gadget that’s measures at 5”x”3”.

Your photos come to life.

Remember those times when the Boy Who Lived would have to say the secret password to the Fat Lady to gain access to Gryffindor Tower? Or when any student would get chatted up by any other “living” portrait painting that adorned the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry? It’s like that. But with puppies! Or your BFF knitting, or anything, really.

Say you have a video of your cat being grumpier than Grumpy Cat. You take the clip with your iPhone or even a GoPro, give it a thumbnail photo, and use to the LifePrint app. You then link up to the LifePrint printer, and print a tiny little picture that’s 2″x 3″. On a full charge you can print up to 15 photos. The cool part is that what appears to be “just a photograph” comes to life (like a cat video) once you view it through your iPhone or Android smartphones’ camera app.

Founder, and VP of LifePrint, Robert Macauley, stopped by our offices to show off the device with a sampling of real life photos to show off this new experience. Sure enough, they worked great. Each clip can be up to 15 second in length. You even have the option of using the adhesives on the back of the photos so you can stick them anywhere.

Think of the possibilities, leaving a sticker on a friend’s backpack so later they can use their smartphone to “open up” their surprise. And yes, Rickrolling is encouraged.

Think about how 1.8 billion photos are shared in the US every day on social media with 50 hours of content uploaded to YouTube every hour. That’s a lot of photos that can now be printed IRL, and animated in ways never before possible. We live in age of impermanence so it’s no wonder 40% of smartphone users want something more, well, tangible. But you can’t go backwards, right? So why not have the photo be augmented?

Apparently, many have found the idea of LifePrint too good to pass up as they’ve raised over $160,000 raised to date. (Which is a lot higher than their original goal of $30K.) It’s currently in the Top 10 best selling technology products live on Kickstarter. So, how much are they asking to get your hands on one? The printer sells for $129 with a free App and 10 pieces of film.

As Robert says, “So much great technology has been created over the last few years for digital photos, we wanted to do bring that same excitement to the physical world. Plus, who doesn’t love Harry Potter photos?!”

We sure do.

To check out LifePrint’s Kickstarter page click here.

Feature Image credit: LifePrint

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