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Lessons I Learned from Podcasts

Lessons I Learned from Podcasts

Podcasts are an intimate experience. Whether you’re listening in your car on your commute or in your cubicle throughout the day, podcasts are an experience and much like reading the same book at different points in your life, the same episode of a podcast can teach you various lessons depending on when you listen. While each episode has its own unique point of view, here’s a few thoughts that I’ve learned through the art of podcasts.

Stop “chasing the fun”.

Lauren Graham on Episode 395 of Nerdist Podcast

It’s easy to get swept up in the hectic-ness of something like San Diego Comic Con. A few years ago I let myself focus on my desire to get into a party rather than have a good time. After hours of trying to sneak into “must-hit” parties to no avail, I found myself tired and upset with how things had turned out. Yet I spent hours running around acting a-fool with new friends. I couldn’t describe this feeling until one day listening to Lauren Graham’s episode of The Nerdist podcast. She talked about early life in Hollywood, attending the Golden Globes, Sundance and feeling a similar feeling to how I did that sad day in July. But Lauren was able to quantify this as something people often fall victim to: “Chasing the fun.” Instead of appreciating your place in the moment, you’re chasing after something “better.” It’s since stuck with me and last year at SDCC I spent a lot more time relaxing with friends, instead of “chasing the fun”. Ironically, I had a lot more fun.

Be intentional about what you put into the world.

Josh Radnor on Episode 106 of Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler

This episode of Girl on Guy is the one I tell people about at parties. Yes, we talk about podcasts at parties. On this episode of Girl on Guy, Aisha Tyler and Josh Radnor cover a lot of ground and it’s all brilliant. But, one piece that stuck out to me is that everything we put into the world has value and is important. So if we put a lot of negativity into the world through thoughts, actions and words, it surrounds us. Yet when we surround ourselves with positive people, words and actions, even when no one else is around, it’s a more positive environment. Being intentional is an important life lesson. Without intention, we wonder around without direction and may end up somewhere we wish we weren’t. Try being intentional with your words and actions for a few days. It might just surprise you.

There are two sides to every story.


The popularity of Serial is undeniable. When I first began listening to the show in October 2014, I was convinced of Adnan’s innocence. No question. But as each episode was released, I was able to see how different everyone’s thoughts were. While some people were positive he was innocent, others were just as positive of his guilt. In every situation there are (at least) two stories. When I remember this, it helps me be more empathic to those around me. If someone is mean, maybe they are having a bad day. If someone is driving slowly and I’m impatient, maybe they’re just learning or trying to be safe. By thinking about how each person has their own perspective, it reminds me to give people the benefit of the doubt. Some may call it naive but I’d rather walk around assuming the best of people than the alternative.

What have you learned from podcasts? Let us know in the comments!

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