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Learn More About These Women with Marvel 101

Learn More About These Women with Marvel 101

With the proliferation of Marvel on basically every screen possible, there are lots of people diving into the Marvel universe for the first time. But the complex history of decades of comics can be overwhelming and intimidating. Where do you start? Did you binge-watch Jessica Jones and want to know more? Or are Black Widow‘s constant cameos enough to pique your interest? Here’s some good news for you. Marvel recently released a web series to teach beginners about Marvel characters. With 20 episodes so far–each only 60 seconds–Marvel 101 schools you on some well-known and lesser-known stories. And all in less than the time it would take for you to find your closest comic book store. Whether you want to dive deep or just want a little more backstory, check out the quick stories of the five Marvel ladies below. Don’t worry, there’s no pop quiz!

Jessica Jones

Now that Jessica has her own Netflix series, you’re probably wondering where she came from. Find out how this superhero became a P.I. and start speculating on Season 2.

Black Widow

Whether you found her in her latest YA novel or just love how she takes out those guards in Iron Man 2, Black Widow is a mysterious character. Learn more about her history and how she got to be so bad-ass.

Carol Danvers – Captain Marvel

Curious about the introduction of Captain Marvel to the cinematic universe in 2019? Start buffing up on her history now.

Scarlet Witch

We caught a glimpse of her in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but there’s more to Scarlet Witch than may appear. Learn more about the extent of her powers and her relationship with her brother.

Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel is perhaps the most relatable superhero of the bunch. Check in on this teen to see just what makes her tick.

Want more? Make sure to check out the rest of the videos and start learning!

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