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Key & Peele: Crossover Geeks

Key & Peele: Crossover Geeks

Comedians Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele may be some of the most talented and prolific geeks to ever crossover into widespread popularity. Many geeky threads are woven throughout the five seasons of their sketch comedy show Key & Peele.  Who but a hardcore geek would work through their frustrations of Gremlins 2, in sketch form, 25 years after the fact? Or be so enthralled with the viral fantasy video Shine On Me to do their own parody well after our collective attention had moved on? Surely only a personal love of the material would prompt the comedians to spend so many resources on such endeavors.

Many of the sketches in their show were based in Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Horror; and were often used by the two comedians to make very poignant and astute observations on our society. As Key and Peele’s new movie, Keanu, debuts on April 29th, we wanted to take a moment to look back over their sizeable geeky repertoire and share some of our favorite moments. There is a bit of blue language in some of the clips, but if you’re watching this at work, I’m sure you’re using headphones, because you’re not a monster.

Key and Peele Unmask Invading Alien Replicants


Key and Peele Parody 1990’s Vampire Tropes


Lando Calrissian is Hounded by a Groupie


Key and Peele Recap Seasons of Game of Thrones


Voltron as an Inquiry Into Group Membership and Racism


What’s your favorite Key & Peele sketch? What other entertainers have helped beam geekdom into households around the world? Let us know in the comments.


Featured Image Credit: Comedy Central

All Video Credits: Comedy Central

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