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Katrina Law Talks Arrow, Movies, and Acting Advice

Last week during Concession Stand, our weekly Twitch Show that gives you all your movie news and rumors, our hosts sat down with Katrina Law to talk about this season of CW’s Arrow, her upcoming movies, and tips and advice for aspiring actors. Katrina also took questions from the chat, so be sure to watch all the way through to hear everyone’s awesome inquiries.

In anticipation of this season of Arrow, Katrina regaled Hector, Erika, Adam, and Agustin with stories of her adventures: of how she tried out for and got the part of Nyssa al Ghul, how she probably played her own stunt double on Sparticus, and when she discovered that she wanted to be an actor.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us, Katrina! Remember folks, you don’t always need to listen to your guidance counselor, and New Zealand, you still owe Katrina $10. (G&S Social Media Manager and New Zealander Kiki, we’re looking at you).

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