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Jac Schaeffer’s ‘The Shower,’ the Power of The Black List and A GIVEAWAY!

Jac Schaeffer’s ‘The Shower,’ the Power of The Black List and A GIVEAWAY!

Three weekends ago, our founder Felicia Day participated in a live-read of Jac Schaeffer’s hilarious female led sci-fi comedy, The Shower. Described as Attack the Block meets Bridesmaids, the script follows the attendees of a baby shower that goes awry when a meteor shower rains alien creatures down upon the small suburb of Oak Valley. Schaeffer is best known for writing and directing the movie TiMER, starring Buffy alum Emma Caulfield. (And if you haven’t seen TiMER, it’s on Netflix streaming so go watch it this instant…hah…puns…)

The live read was presented by The Black List, a quickly growing entity that began as a yearly survey produced by its founder Franklin Leonard. Aside from its annual list of the best unproduced scripts in Hollywood — 35 of which have gone on to win Academy Awards —  The Black List also does monthly live performances in both Los Angeles and New York, and they have recently started a podcast called The Black List Table Reads.

The goal of The Black List is simple: to get scripts that would otherwise be overlooked noticed. Slumdog Millionaire, Argo, and The King’s Speech were all former Black List scripts. Even last year’s Best Writing, Adapted Screenplay winner The Imitation Game, was originally a Black List pick.


Pictured: Jac Schaeffer Source: Robin Roemer

When I spoke with Schaeffer before the event she expressed her excitement for the opportunity to have her script performed in front of a live audience. Schaeffer’s is a script that many thought couldn’t be made. Though her thought was that it was time for women to enter the action movie arena, many studios weren’t willing to take the leap. But with the help of The Black List and this live performance, audiences were able to see the potential of this story.

The event itself was hilarious. The already gut-busting script was performed by a killer cast — including Chelsea Peretti, Kristen Schaal, Gillian Jacobs, and Felicia Day — but most importantly, it was an opportunity for fans and industry members alike to see Schaeffer’s script in action and view its full potential. And it was great to see Felicia Day and Adam Brody play love interests — something I didn’t even know I wanted, but it happened, and it was beautiful. (I love Seth Cohen <3)


Pictured: Felicia Day, Adam Brody Source: Robin Roemer

The Black List is important because it stresses the power of fan involvement. In this new age of media, we as audience members have the power to get things made — we just have to scream loud enough. The hope is that word of The Shower and other Black List scripts spreads through the ether on social media and through word of mouth. As the news travels, it is bound to get into the hands of certain important members of the industry. Who knows – it’s Hollywood – there may have even been important industry members in the audience (and one may have been sitting directly in front of me, but I digress…)

With the success of female-driven action flicks like the recent box office topper Max Mad: Fury Road maybe Hollywood is ready for more female badasses gracing its screens. All I know is, I would LOVE to see The Shower made into a movie — and you bet your butt I’m going to tell everyone I know about it.

Aaaand because Geek & Sundry loves ya, we’re holding a giveaway! Interested in getting your hands on this sweet signed poster from the read? Head over to our Facebook page to enter!


Check out the gallery below for more pictures from the event courtesy of The Black List & Robin Roemer Photography!


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