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J.K Rowling Reveals Schools of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Africa, Japan, Elsewhere

J.K Rowling Reveals Schools of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Africa, Japan, Elsewhere

Photo credit: BBC/Wall to Wall/Andrew Montgomery

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling finally revealed there are more schools of magical arts beyond Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Eleven in total to be precise. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire introduced us to France’s Beauxbatons and the Durmstrang Institute somewhere in “northern Europe.” Fans speculated that there were likely more schools other than just the three because that was just sensible, and they were correct. What they couldn’t have guessed was that, according to Rowling, homeschooling and correspondence courses are also a popular choice because they’re cost effective.

You’re probably not as interested in an ITT Tech Online Associate’s Degree in wand repair (or maybe you are), so lets get to the new schools Rowling has officially revealed:


Resembling a gold temple in the middle of the Brazilian rain forest, most muggles only note a shambling ruin. Students wear bright green robes, and the school specializes in herbology and magizoology. Caipora, small furry spirit creatures, guard the grounds. They’re said to be quite mischievous. Castelbruxo is a popular spot for European exchange students.


Rowling has yet to reveal any official details, but if you look at the map above, you’ll see that Ilvermorny is located in North America. It kinda looks like Toronto, Canada. However, Rowling stated that it’s actually in New England; not New York exactly, but the magic is centered in an indigenous tribe. If she said which one, that would be too revealing. (Personally, I think Buffalo, NY would be a perfect place to hide a magic school. I mean, have you ever been to Buffalo, NY? Exactly.)


Literally translating to “magic place,” Japan’s school of magic is the smallest of the eleven. Students start training at the age of seven, but do not board until they are eleven like Hogwarts students. The school itself is a palace made of jade that resides on top of a volcano on the island of Minami Iwo Jima. Students are given enchanted robes upon entry that grow with them and change colors depending on their academic standing. They’re also really, really good at Quidditch.


Uagadou is the largest, but not the only, wizarding school on the continent of Africa. The school resides on the side of a mountain, hidden by mist. The students there are well versed in Astronomy, Alchemy and Self-Transfiguration. Unlike wizards from other continents, African educated wizards do not generally use wands, and can cast their spells with hand gestures.

So far, we only know of seven of the eleven alleged magic schools. This is a wise choice for Rowling not to reveal them all yet. If she hasn’t locked herself into all the schools, it will allow her flexibility to create others down the road if need be. Besides, it looks like Australia still needs a school. And how cool would it be to see one based in India? I guess only time, and Rowling, will tell.

Which of these newly revealed schools would you want to attend? Let us know in the comments!

Featured image credit: Pottermore


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