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It’s National Hug Your Cat Day!

It’s National Hug Your Cat Day!

June 4th is National Hug Your Cat Day, so be sure to give your cat a bit of extra love! Of course, cats can sometimes be tough to shower affection upon, and oftentimes our attempts at cat pampering (or catpering, if you will) just end up annoying our feline friend.

cat and sloth

This struggle is all too real for cat lovers, so we here at Geek & Sundry are here to help you find great ways to pamper your kitty on their special day. Take notes, kids.

We know you love cats. While you wish you could hug every cat, it causes you daily strife, laboring under the knowledge that you will never actually be able to hug every cat. You aren’t alone.

Human limitations aside, you can easily express to love to your cat and any other cat with which you come in contact. Of course, most cats aren’t about physical contact–at least at first–so start small. Instead of kicking off Hug Your Cat Day with a hug, start off by telling the cats in your life that you love them with your best, most affectionate, not at all weird or creepy, slow blink *slowly blinks at you*:

Next offer it a token of your affection by giving it a stylish and useful accessory:

Now that your cat is stylin’, try taking your cat out for a nice walk, enjoying nature–or walk in the city, showing of your cat’s new cap.

After a nice, long walk, your cat will want to freshen up. Offer your cat a relaxing, spa-like bath to help them get clean. The cat may resist at first…

..but if you’re doing it right, you’ll find that you simply can’t get your cat out of the bath, no matter how hard you try.

(…of course, the cat could also never relax and simply sit there, hating you as it plots to murder you in your sleep, but as with anything feline-related, murder-by-cat is simply a risk you must take…)

After a lovely day of pampering and loving on your cat, why not close out the day with a soothing massage? You can help relax your kitty’s muscles, and get some serious bonding time.

So happy Hug Your Cat Day, cat lovers! Make this day great for you and your kitty. After all, even if they don’t always know how to show it, our cats love us. They have to, right?


What are you going to do for your cat on National Hug Your cat Day? Let us know your plans and any other points of cat-versation in the comments! 

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