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Worthy Opponents

Introducing Worthy Opponents – Geek & Sundry’s New Hearthstone Show!

Grab a chair and settle in, there’s fun and tales to be told! Geek & Sundry and Blizzard Entertainment are teaming up to bring you Worthy Opponents, a show highlighting Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft duelists on their paths to becoming legend, one turn at a time. Fear not, travelers, they won’t be alone on this journey. We have two of the best coaches around to make sure that they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Fridays at 10 am

Critical Role’s Matt Mercer and eSports host Rachel “Seltzer” Quirico host this tournament of celebrity players. Each episode, they will pick a champion to guide to victory as they head into battle in the tavern. Two will enter the fray, but only one will rise to victory to become the Tavern Master! We’ll have a good many friends be joining us, and you can look forward to seeing the likes of Chris Kluwe, Blake Anderson, Yuri Lowenthal, Laura Bailey, Travis WillinghamTay Zonday, Chilled Chaos, Dan Telfer, Michele Morrow, Catrific, Angela Hill, and Dan Casey!

Join us on Fridays at 10am to catch new episodes, right here on Geek & Sundry starting November 11th!

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Critical Role Fan Art Gallery – Going Full Circle

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