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Introducing: Super Fun Awesome Party Game Time!

Every now and then, Geek & Sundry tries to create a show that fosters awkwardness, comedic banter, and general poor decision-making (that will then make everyone pause and think about the larger state of their being).

This is totally one of those times.

Geek & Sundry is proud to present Super Fun Awesome Party Game Time, hosted by the incomparable Jesse Cox and Jessica Marzipan. On this show, we’ll take old board games, remix the rules, and create somewhat embarrassing situations with our awesome (and infinitely patient) guests. What’s an example of a rule remix? Imagine the game of Operation, but instead of just having the classic buzzer and light up nose, we add in water guns filled with fake blood. Or how about Thin Ice combined with blindfolds and even more innuendo that’s usually associated with that game?

So here’s what you can expect from the first few episodes:

–       Jesse Cox and James Horton getting platonically intimate with each other

–       Gratuitous Harry Potter spells

–       Surgeon outfits that don’t quite fit

–       The worst game of beer pong you’ve ever seen

–       Fake blood…lots of fake blood (well we hope it’s fake, at least)

Tune in to on March 3rd for the very first episode! After that, a new episode will go up every Thursday — that is, until we run out of ideas or someone comes to their senses. We hope you can join us!!

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