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Inside the Box reviews: Star Trek – Frontiers

Join Inside the Box as they deeply delve where no one has delved before: Wizkids’ newest Star Trek tabletop game.

Star Trek: Frontiers from Wizkids is a deck-building adventure game for 1-4 players. Each player takes control of a famous ship and captain from the Star Trek universe and their associated deck of cards. As you explore an unknown region of space, you’ll encounter hostile aliens and aggressive ships, and discover new tricks and technologies to add to your deck. But your morals will also be tested as the game’s reputation track chronicles the choices you make along the way. Will you be remembered for your honorable deeds, or make space dust out of any who stand in your way?

This normal game goes awry when Inside the Box’s very own George uses untested technology to build a 3-dimensional play area. Now the group is pitted against the most unlikely of adversaries — their evil twins from an alternate universe! Will Jack stand his ground and Do As Picard Does? Will Brandon ever get a slice of pizza?

Inside the Box is a comedy tabletop game review series. Watch as they bring their favorite board games to life with a mix of visual FX, cinematic presentation, and an alarmingly immature sense of humor.

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