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Howdy from Will and Josh, and Welcome to Written By A Kid!

Dear Internet! We are Will Bowles and Josh Flaum, the creators of Written By A Kid (that would be us sitting in the tiny chairs). We’ve been performing and writing as a team for over seventeen years. This is our first web series and we are thrilled to be a part of the Geek & Sundry community (and between you and us we’re also thrilled to be out of those teensy chairs). We’re especially excited about this show because our roots as performers are in improv, and improv is truly what’s at the heart of Written By A Kid. Kids make up a story on the spot and we honor what they create, whether it’s a dinosaur who loves donuts, a wrestling witch detective on a bike, or a giant Mom who floats over Italy and eats everyone’s breakfast. Hey, did you have questions? Well you’re in luck because if you join the Geek & Sundry community and take part in the forums, we – that is Josh Flaum and Will Bowles – will answer your questions in such a thorough and engaging manner, that you’ll immediately have a thousand more questions to ask. Or maybe none, because we were so thorough. It’s up to you, you’re the one asking questions. So sign up over here if you haven’t already and get started! Also, here is episode one of WBAK, Scary Smash, in case you haven’t already seen it: