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How To Play – Raptor

Welcome to your first step in winning your next board game night. Our very own Ivan Van Norman is here to help you set up that beautiful board game that you just bought at the store or that’s been sitting on your shelf for ages. After all the pieces have been separated, the maps have pulled out of the box, and the instructions dutifully thrown away; let Ivan get you started in this “How to Play” series. Every great game starts with an amazing first turn. Let us help you get there.

Today, Ivan’s setting up Raptor, a tactical card game from Asmodee. You and an opponent square off, with one of you controlling a team of scientists, and the other, a mamma raptor trying to protect her babies. Ivan will walk you through the game’s set up–including how to lay out the reversible game tiles and roadblocks, and where to start your teams–as well as how to move around the board and utilize your action points once the game begins.

Have any games you’re interested in learning about? Need help with a bit of setup? Let us know in the comment section below.

Table Provided by GeekNSon – The Official Game Table of How to Play With Ivan Van Norman

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