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How to Have a Disney Inspired Wedding

How to Have a Disney Inspired Wedding

Disney’s brand new bridal collection for 2015 was just released and now Princess fans everywhere are obsessively planning their future Disney themed weddings. The line features gowns inspired by nine of the official Disney Princesses, and I selected three in order to show you how to have a classy, subtly Disney inspired wedding!

1. ARIEL: available in Ocean Blue, Ivory/Silver or White/ Silver

“An independent spirit with a splash of the unexpected, Ariel is an unconventional bride full of life and adventure.”




I drew inspiration for a mermaid themed wedding from Traci Hines’ (Disney cosplayer) recent viral “Hipster Mermaid Wedding” photo shoot.

Clam shell macaroons are the perfect table setting treat or dessert.


Photo by YourCloudParade


Give your invitations and place settings a nautical twist by using water colors and seashell accents.


Photo by YourCloudParade


A scaly, fin adorned cake is the perfect finale to your Ariel inspired wedding. These additions will give your ceremony the mermaid feel without getting too kitschy.

ariel cake

Photo by YourCloudParade


2. ELSA: available in Ice Crystal, Ivory/Silver or White/ Silver

“Elegant, powerful, and selfless, Elsa is an artistic bride with playful charm.”





If you’re an ice queen like Elsa, you may want to decorate your table settings with bowls of transparent ice candy.


Found on


It’s easy to get cheesy with themed wedding cakes, but a simple design like this tiered snowflake cake will give your wedding the Frozen touch you are looking for.


Found on


Instead of using popular types of flowers in white, opt for a display of branches tipped with white flowers for a snowy look.


Via DIY AllWomensTalk


3. CINDERELLA: available in Glass Slipper Blue, Ivory/Silver or White/Silver

“Sweet Cinderella is always gracious and poised, but her true nature is revealed in this dazzling, transformational gown.”



There has been a renewed interest in Cinderella with the release of Disney’s live action remake this year. If you want to channel this classic princess for your wedding, you should check out these bedazzled pumpkin decorations that are perfect as centerpieces or table decorations at your ceremony.


Found on


Although it is a bit literal, a sparkly castle cake will get your theme across instantly without using actual imagery from Cinderella’s story.


Found on


Simple coach centerpieces are another great way to elegantly add a touch of magic to your after party.


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Click here to see the entire 2015 bridal collection from Disney and let us know in the comments which dress you like best!

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