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Hot Haircolors to Match Your Favorite Fandom

Hot Haircolors to Match Your Favorite Fandom

There are a lot of new ways people are dyeing their hair. Using techniques like baliage (where your stylist literally paints the dye on your hair), ombres, under-layering, rainbows, and pixelating, you can create some amazing hair colors that pair nicely with your favorite fandom. You can get these effects through dye or if you want something more temporary, hair chalk. There are some great video tutorials online to teach you how to do all of these cool hair colors.

The Hunger Games

When Katniss’ dress burst into flames during the chariot scene in Catching Fire, all I could think was “That is amazingly cool! I want a dress that looks like fire.” Well the technology still isn’t out there to make clothes look like they are aflame, but you can transform your hair into a blazing inferno. The technique uses a multi-tiered ombre. you can either start with a dark red at the top of your head fading to lighter reds and yellows or the reverse.

Dr. Who

The into sequence for Dr. Who has the Tardis flying through some pretty trippy wormholes in space. Galaxy hair reminds me a lot of the intro with its mix of purples and blues. The idea is to layer a lot of different shades in streaks to mimic those gorgeous shots of space. You can go subtle with highlights over black hair or go on a true cosmic adventure by dyeing bright colors over bleached hair. If you want an extra tuft of sparkle, add some glitter to your gel to create stars.

My Little Pony

My Little Pony is all about those pastel colors. In order to get your mane super light, you are going to need to bleach it. You can get kits to do it yourself, but if the idea seems terrifying, get your local hair stylist to do it for you. They can lighten your hair without damaging it as much as home kits do. The pastel hair look gives you a soft, dreamy look and to really Pony it up, you can add a hair accessory that shows off your personality just like the pony’s cutie marks

Video Games

Are you a tried and true gamer? Then why not try pixelating your hair? This is a super cool hairstyle that makes you look like you stepped right out of a 16-bit game. To get the look, you should really go to a professional, but if you’re brave and want to do it at home, you simply draw out the pixel design on a piece of hair foil. Then separate the hair that is going to be pixelated and place it over the foil. You should be able to see the pattern through the hair. The use a brush to paint the bleach on using the pattern as a guide.

After researching all of these hair colors I went out and colored mine Hunger Games Style. What color are you inspired to do? Do you have any other color/fandom pairings? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image Credit: Cloud9Jewels/Etsy

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