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Tips For Avoiding Con Flu

Tips For Avoiding Con Flu

Comic-Con is a beautiful all consuming geek experience that leaves you with the highest of highs – until you get home and discover you’ve contracted Con-Flu. With an attendance of 130,000+ people in one place, meeting, talking, shaking hands, partying; catching the flu is almost inevitable.

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Do your best to stay well by eating throughout the day and drinking a lot of water. Oh yeah, and get as much rest as possible. That’s a seemingly impossible task, given that all things fun happen 24 hours a day at Comic-Con. Here are a few simple ways to prevent con-illness or at least, lessen the blow.

  1. Stay hydrated. The heat of San Diego in July can be worse than the surface of Mustafar and the best way to calm those rising temps is to drink plenty of water. Sunblock is a must if you’re taking part in all the out-of-con experiences. Lip balm and chapstick help keep you safe and ready to go.
  2. Cleanliness is close to Con-liness. Extra tissue never hurt anybody and wipes are a must. You never know what kind of sticky situation you’ll find yourself in when sitting in Hall H all day.
  3. Don’t forget your medication, prescription or otherwise. The heat and stress can lead to headaches or other pains so having painkillers on hand like Asprin or Ibuprofen definitely comes in handy.
  4. Purell forever! That’s my next tattoo. Having hand sanitizer by your side is the number one way to avoid Con Flu. Use it after shaking hands. Use it after you touch money when making purchases. Use it when you touch that handrail. Use it, just – USE IT. Your immune system with thank you.

Follow these simple steps and you just might stay Con-Flu free for the entirety of the Con and beyond. Good luck, have fun, and stay healthy!

*photo credit: Jenn Fujikawa

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