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Hatch A Baby Dinosaur At Home With This Candle

Hatch A Baby Dinosaur At Home With This Candle

Just when you thought the level of adorable animal items had reached its peak, dinosaurs have come back from extinction to prove you wrong. You now can own a cool candle which as it melts appears to be hatching a tiny baby dino. I mean, come on you’ve basically been waiting your whole life for this. As a frequent reptile pet owner, I’m excited to add to my personal collection. Here’s how to properly welcome your new dinosaur into your family.

STEP 1: Casually light this unassuming candle.

Set the mood by lighting this standard egg-shaped candle in your living room or bathroom. Invite some dino-loving friends over to watch Jurassic World or The Dinosaurs.


STEP 2: Watch your guests freak out.

As the wax melts away, an adorable velociraptor will begin to appear to hatch out of the candle and potentially terrify your guests.


STEP 3: Enjoy your new pet.

As more of your new pet is revealed, you and your guests can all breathe a sigh of relief. It is friendly and ready to check out this new world.


Once fully hatched, you have a brand new porcelain pet to enjoy until the next ice age. You can acquire this awesome candle online from Firebox.

Let us know in the comments where you’ll be keeping your new baby dinosaur!

All Images Credit: Firebox

H/T: Mashable

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