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Half Batman, Half Superman, All Robot Annihilation: Group Hug with Scott Porter

Last week on Group Hug, Hector Navarro and Erika Ishii were joined by Dillion High School alum and voice actor, Scott Porter; Local Phantom Stranger and game warden, Scott Rubin; and Lex Luthor and friend of the show, Bert Jennings.

Rather than playing a coordinated set this time, Hector and Bert went off the grid and chose to play figures from completely separate universes. Leading his team with Gandalf the Grey and Dr. Doom, Hector was able to capitalize (albeit briefly) on the figures’ similarities to synergize in a way that people may only consider doing with an actual set. Bert’s team went even farther out there with DJ from Street Fighter, The Final Frontier from the band Iron Maiden, a Grunt from Halo, and Smeagol. Erika and Scott Porter both played with figures related to the upcoming Superman/Wonder Woman booster set, with Scott playing a variety of Supermen and Erika using other characters from the DC universe. Find out how this free-for-all turned out in the video above.

Last Friday was Hector’s Birthday! If you missed it, give him a shout out on Twitter or in the chat to let him know how terrible of a friend you were for not congratulating him on another orbit around the sun sooner.

Let us know about any crazy combinations of figures that you’ve used before in the comments below!


Feature Image Source: DC Comics/ ComicVine

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