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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’s Trailer…in LEGO

Huxley Berg lays it all out quite charmingly in this channel overview/pitch/manifesto…

“You like movie trailers? I like movie trailers! Do you ever want to spend hours of back breaking labor making LEGO animations? Oh you don’t… Lucky for you I do that thing that was mentioned!”

True to intent, the studios’ output specializes in re-creating trailers–largely from Marvel and DC blockbusters–through the colorful plastic medium of LEGO. So meticulous is the attention to detail, side-by-side comparisons are offered up as a bonus feature for each trailer, showing how precisely the live-action shots were duplicated. After the clip above lets you relive the magic of latest Guardians trailer, this clip below will let you relive it all over again. And after all these views, we imagine you’ll have the hardest time ever getting the chorus of Fleetwood Mac’s “the Chain” out of your head.

As mentioned, Huxley Berg has been nothing if not comprehensive with these LEGO ruduxs, even getting so particular as to re-create specific TV spots for Logan and Suicide Squad. Here, Spider-Man Homecoming gets the full treatment. As in, even the front-end bumper previewing the preview is covered. While we might compliment the clever fix of using swap-out LEGO heads to represent the Avenger masks the bank robbers wear, we’re probably more struck by how the recreation of the Vulture’s gang’s sonic-Shocker gear actually makes the real deals look more LEGO-like after we re-watch the live action trailer.

Part of the fun of going through Huxley’s catalog is seeing how the crafstmanship rapidly scales up with each redone trailer. Fidgeting framing and light-sources shifting shot-to-shot quickly give way to liquid smooth animation that looks almost as professional as any set pieces in the LEGO Batman Movie. The magnum opus (at least so far) is this complete recreation of the 17-minute fight scene between Team Cap and Team Iron Man at the airport in Civil War. More than five times longer than any trailer, we dare say it’s a marvel to behold. And this rate, Huxley will have to update that manifesto to just say, “Do you like movies? In LEGO?”

Any other LEGO re-creations we should seek out on YouTube? Drop ’em in the comments, please!

Image Credits: Huxley Berg Studios

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