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Greatest Con Ever? Omar at Comikaze 2013

Greatest Con Ever? Omar at Comikaze 2013

Stan Lee’s Comikaze was brilliant. Easily one of the greatest cons I have ever been to. As a kid, I grew up hopping the train for an hour to attend panels and sift through bins at San Francisco WonderCon. So wandering through the aisles and browsing the 50 cent comics felt like coming home. There was something great and classic about Comikaze.

But Comikaze also felt new and exciting. It’s a Los Angeles con. You’re surrounded by movie props and professionals, people you have been reading and watching and admiring just strolling around, glancing at He-Man action figures with you. Throughout Comikaze, we kept bumping into Mike Maronna and Danny Tamberelli from Pete and Pete, the folks from SyFy’s Fangasm along with Supergirl writer Sterling Gates. And at one point, a man stopped Mia because she was wearing her Dipper costume from Gravity Falls, and he revealed that he had written for the show.

I have been going to conventions my whole life. That doesn’t just happen. This is a Comikaze exclusive experience.

Living in Los Angeles gave Comikaze a bit of a bump. First of all, no hotels, none of that fuss, we were able to drive home from downtown. And all of our friends kept popping up because, hey, it’s a Saturday, why not go to the most fun thing in town?

Another nice little perk is that Mia and myself got to be on a panel with Nika, Becca, Neil and Jenni about diversity in geekdom. That was easily the best moment of the convention. Don’t get me wrong, the fact that we’re Vine buddies with Pete and Pete is insanely squeal-worthy. But getting to talk about how cool and positive the geek community is, especially through vlogs, with a room full of like-minded folks was absolute magic. Jenni hosted a clean and fun panel, Nika was nothing but inspiration, Neil revealed that Archie comics got him to read, Mia brought the house down with a Redwall shout-out and Becca and I could not stop high-fiving. Which, got a little awkward because Mia was… kinda sitting between us.

Overall, Stan Lee’s Comikaze was out of this world, true believers. We met so many people who not only watch and promote Geek&Sundry vlogs but had taken our broke advice to new levels. We have never been recognized and asked for our picture before– we’re usually the geeks bothering other people for that! It was awesome meeting the Geek & Sundry community there and I cannot tell you how impressive everyone’s $10 cosplays were. I can’t. I’ve tried and I can’t. They were fantastic.

The only problem is that we did not take a whole lot of pictures so if anyone has pictures of Comikaze, send ‘em over. So we don’t feel so bad for slacking.

By Omar of 2 Broke Geeks. Check out their vlog!

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