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These Geeky Engagement Rings Are Perfect For Your Precious

These Geeky Engagement Rings Are Perfect For Your Precious

After searching Middle Earth, Central City, and the Outer Rim, you’ve finally found the geek of your dreams. You’ve wandered the dangerous wastelands of the Commonwealth together, scandalized one another with Cards Against Humanity, and successfully braved the crowds of Comic-Con. You’re ready to make a life-long commitment, which will begin with a simple question and a ring.

You know your partner well. Would they want something modern or vintage? Something with colored stones or a diamond? A gold or silver band? Most importantly, what about a geeky design?

If your partner would appreciate the bold look of a geeky engagement ring, you can find some amazing designs out there that will fit many of your interests. If you want a new design, do some internet searching and if you find an artist you really like, reach out and see what they might have to offer in your price range.

Check out the gallery below for some gorgeous and geeky rings available for purchase. Most of these rings are custom-made, so make sure to leave yourself plenty of time before you pop the big question. If you’re looking for something more subtle, think about choosing a color-scheme or style that would pay homage to your partner’s favorite without being too bold.

Heck, you don’t need to be with someone to enjoy these rings. So go ahead and splurge and make it so for your number one. Otherwise, get ready to engage.

Good luck out there lovebirds. We’ve love to see your own geeky ring designs, so please share in the comments below!

Featured Image Credit: Paul Michael Design


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