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April 1st Google+ Hangout Schedule Announced!

Hello Beautiful People! We can’t wait to hang out with you this Sunday (April 1st – AGAIN, NOT A JOKE) from 10am-10pm PST! There will be TONS of prizes given out EVERY HOUR from our friends at J!NX,, Cryptozoic, Dark Horse, Ubisoft, QMX, and more! Just so you have an idea of what’s going down, here’s a few highlights to look forward to! 10:00am – Welcome to the Hangout! 10:30am – Yoga with Alicia Marie 11:00am – Introducing our charity: Best Friends Animal Society 11:20am – Sword & Laser Show interview with co-host Tom Merritt 11:40am – J!NX Tee-shirt Giveaway with the owners and creators 12:00pm – The Art of Web Series Panel: Featuring Kim Evey (The Guild), Tony V (Black Box TV), Wilson Cleveland (Leap Year), and Tina Cesa Ward (Anyone But Me) 1:00pm – LIVE Fan Art Contest! We want submissions from YOU – draw and win prizes based on chat votes! 1:40pm – Chat with Steve Dengler of MegaCynics (CHARITY SPONSOR) 2:00pm – Novel Writer’s Panel: “Creating Great Characters” with Patrick Rothfuss (Name of the Wind), John Scalzi (Old Man’s War), Amber Benson (Death’s Daughter) 3:00pm – YOMYOMF Chat with Kev Jumba 3:30pm – Dark Horse Motion Comics Chat with Erik Bruhwiler, Animator and Producer 4:00pm – Cryptozoic Trading Cards Opening (CHARITY SPONSOR) 4:30pm – LIVE  DANCE BREAK and Fan Dance competition to Public domain songs! 5:00pm – “Romance in Video Games” chat with Dragon Age creator David Gaider 5:30pm – “Indie Video Games: How To” with Bastion creator Greg Kasavin 6:00pm  – “Casual Games: Designing Good Ones”  with PopCap producer Matthew Johnson (Bejeweled, Peggle) 6:30pm – E-Sports! Chat with Day[9]TV’s Sean Plott 7:00pm – Chris Hardwick talks Nerdist YouTube Channel 7:30pm – NASA Astronomers Chat with Carolyn Brinkworth and Robert Hurt 8:00pm – LIVE Crowd Source writing “Geek and Sundry”, the one hour buddy drama. 9:00pm – WORLD PREMIERE: The Guild cast members Sandeep Parikh & Robin Thorsen and more perform to the fan-written “Geek and Sundry” 9:30pm – FIRE SALE; Give away remaining Prizes 9:50pm – GRAND PRIZE Giveaway!!! 10:00pm – ANNOUNCE CHARITY FUNDRAISER TOTAL – GOODBYE! Can’t wait to see you on Sunday! Tune in at Lots of love, – Geek & Sundry Management