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God of Board Games’ New Kickstarter Project Udderly Fantastic

God of Board Games’ New Kickstarter Project Udderly Fantastic

Reiner Knizia, the epochal board game designer who has won enough gaming awards to sink a boat, has a new game on Kickstarter that you need to know about.

Khan of Khans is a family game where you become chief of a tribe of nomads. Not satisfied at being the ruler of your own tribe, you raid nearby tribes for the most valuable commodity in your world: cows. Whoever brings back the most will impress the “Priestesses of the Paps” to become the titular (ahem) Khan of Khans!

Reiner Knizia is a German-born, professional board game designer whose work you likely already have lining the shelves of your game closet. His 600 games have sold a staggering 20 million copies worldwide. His games have won awards on three continents. His mechanics are smooth as soymilk, but deep enough for thoughtful play. His Lord of the Rings board game is known for introducing wide swathes of the American market to the concept of a cooperative board game. (“But wait, if we’re playing together, how do I beat you?” “You beat the game, not me.” “This idea will never take off!”)


Knizia with his game.

Chaosium vice-president Michael O’Brien said, “Reiner’s design genius means Khan of Khans is fast, and fun, and is very easy to pick up.”

This humble journalist had the chance to play the game at Gen Con, and I can tell you the gameplay is quick, simple, and enjoyable. It’s a game that children and adults could play together at family gatherings or after dinner, and everyone can have a good time. Despite its simplicity and ease of play, the game still requires thinking and planning when it is most advantageous to play cards. When I played, Vampire: The Masquerade creator Mark Rein-Hagen stole all my cows and won the game, but I assume the game will be just as fun even if you’re not playing with gaming royalty.

A consistent critique of Knizia’s design is that it is often light in theme. Khan of Khans addresses that by setting the game in Glorantha, the decades-old fantasy setting created by Greg Stafford. (You can read more about why Glorantha is awesome here.) Stafford said of the new project, “I am pleased and flattered to have gaming genius Reiner Knizia create a game based on Glorantha. I played it extensively at Gen Con and enjoyed it thoroughly, although my own game designer urge did make a few suggestions…”

While the Glorantha setting provides a deep background for Khan of Khans, Michael O’Brien said, “You don’t need to know a thing about Greg’s epic fantasy creation Glorantha to enjoy the game. However, it opens an intriguing window to the legendary world, which can be further explored in the many RPGs (RuneQuestHeroQuest Glorantha13th Age in Glorantha), books (The Guide to GloranthaKing of Sartar) and computer games (King of Dragon Pass) published about it over the past 50 years. People will have a great time playing Khan of Khans. We think it will pique their curiosity and imagination too.”

Check out the Khan of Khans Kickstarter today!

All images courtesy Chaosium.

 Ben Riggs speaks five languages, and has lived in four countries on three continents, but still manages to lose his keys in the bathroom. A friend to man, animal, and werewolf alike, you can discover more of Ben’s thoughts on game, the universe, and everything on Twitter, or on the Plot Points Podcast, available on iTunes or Libsyn


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